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Tue, 31 Mar 2020 23:13:41 GMT
Last QRVCallNameQTHRadioFrequencyComments
63 DaysKB5JOCurtMagnolia, TX5W3010.11927 States 1 province
159 DaysPR7AIPauloCampina Grande, PB - Brazil5W407030How to install PLJ-0802 Frequency Counter in the kit?
175 DaysK5DWDonSouth Fork, CO5w2014.0631st QSO with 5W20. SOTA contact with WA2USA/P in VA.
Power at 3W.
233 DaysKH2BRBobCorona, CA1W407030
280 DaysW8DIZdizPalm Harbor, FLorida5W407030Testing 5W40
311 DaysAL7JKJohnEagle River, AK1 watter 3010118Nice 30 mtr band openings from Ak into Asia & Japan during the daytime hours. Power output set at 750 milliwatts to longwire antenna which favors Asia. 73 & GL to all